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What You HAVE SaID WHEN RECEIVING The Meditation Tip

No more email delivery since October 18th, 2019.
You can now only read the Meditation Tip on or twitter or Ello


Just wanted to say I am grateful for your emails~wonderful way to start the day.
Sincere thanks, Martha

Great you're back. Love these. Thank you. Sheena

What a nice surprise to find a meditation tip from you today! I thought you had disappeared into the cyberspace of Nirvana... Janet

Thank you for all the beautiful wisdom I receive daily thru your emails!!
Love and Peace, Margarita.

Great to have these meditation tips back after so long - they are timeless!

Thank you!! I appreciate your  unique wisdom!!

Many thanks for renewing these emails. I didn't realize how much I had missed them until they started showing up again.


Great news!!

Thank you so much! I can hardly wait!

I just wanted to say that I get your emails daily and appreciate your selection of quotes for their very real spirituality and meaning for me. Neil

Your daily meditations help me in my search for myself, and to achieve a greater peace in my life. Rahel

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the Meditation Tip of the Day. I always make sure I read your E-mail, even if I don't take the time to read anything else. Sometimes, I reflect on the quote for most of the day. Other times, I just smile and move into my day a little lighter. Thank you for giving this awesome gift to the world. Be well, Suzanne

May I first thank you for having this wonderful website. I start every day by reading and reflecting on the meditation tip of the day. Lise

HI! A few years ago I received your daily mailing and, after computer problems, life "interesting things" and so forth, I'd sure love to sign up again. Didn't miss my disabled computer as much as I missed my daily message! Thanks so much! Ann

Hello, I am so appreciative of the inspiration I receive daily from your email. I sometimes use these quotes to support and inspire my yoga students. Susann

Thank you, Deeshan! Who ever u are. I love receiving your meditations. I was receiving them at work, so I was a subscriber before. Blessings, and be well!

Thank you for this service - and for the reassurances; a friend gave me this
address, & I will pass it on to other friends of mine.

Last may I received your Meditation Tip of the week. It drew my particular attention. I read it several times. Therefore, I would like to send you this small word of gratitude for your sharing. A real eyeopener! Hoping to read you again. Carine

Je vous remercie pour le beau travail que vous mettez à nous fournir
cette nourriture pour l'âme. Lise

Merci vos messages m'aide (comme beaucoup j'espère) à continuer le chemin de
la vie... Raquel

Thank you so much for this-- for your sincere and humble offering of
this service. It is nice to come across a service that is done for it's own sake and
not driven or polluted with advertisements. Thank you. Oscar

Congratulations!!! I Enjoy your daily tips! Thanks for being there! Lily

Thanks so much for all your emails, they are great! KEEP THEM COMING! Kathleen

Congratulations on your 5 year anniversay and humble thanks for such inspirational e-mail and the way I start my day. You are the BEST! Can't believe it has been 5 years already. Attests to time dissolving into the moment as a result. May you continue to shed your light to others in the love and joy it comes through in my e-mails. Happy Holidays and again the thanks that passeth all understanding. Shirley

Congratulations! And thanks for making our lives so much better. God bless. John

As I've told you before, I sure do miss your daily tips, but absence does
make the heart grow fonder, and I await January 6th! Thank you for your
daily gift! Nancy

Un très grand merci pour les méditations quotidiennes :-) Je vous souhaite une heureuse année 2003 :-) Amitiés. Arnaud

Wow! I knew something has been missing since I received my last meditation tip of the day in e-mail from you which was several weeks through months ago. Thanking you for all your wisdom and wishing you a healthy and happy new year. Reva

Thank you so much for the quotes I get sent from you.They help me immensely and I find it helps very much to keep me steady and balanced to find and use them in my inbox. Best wishes, R.

Thanks for your continued effort. In addition to using the tip daily in my meditation, I have introduced a number of my clients to it. I am a transpersonal psychotherapist and have a special wood box in my office where all your tips are written-up on strips of coloured paper. My clients often select from the 'points-to-ponder' box ... and as the universe always knows best ... my clients marvel at the appropriateness of the quote they have selected. Thanks and may you continue to be blessed. Rosemary

Can I just say 'thank you' for these beautiful quotes I receive daily. They absolutely make my day perfect in every way & help me when I need a swift reality check. Many thanks, Natasha

Good to have the chance to express my gratitude for the gifts you are bringing to all of us. Your kindness is having a powerful impact on your many unmet friends. The quotes have been helping me in my life and in my work [teacher, therapist, health psychologist] ---big ripple effect! You are a true bodhisattva. May all be calm and bright, Brenda

Hey there, I've never written before, but I'd like to tell you how much I love your
site. I look there every day and come away feeling better. Dan

Thank you so much for creating the site. You reaffirm all I know to be true and share such joy and peace with all who visit! Thank you for being so Alive, so Light, so Compassion! With deepest respect, Mary

Thank you so much for the mediation of the day. A reader who would miss them
if they were not there. JD

The Monday morning I've been happily anticipating for three weeks! Welcome
Home, Dear Inspirational Friend! :-)) Nancy

I just want you to know that I really appreciate the daily meditations.Thanks!

Thanks!! You do good work! Beverly

Thank you so much for the daily meditation insight. I have been receiving them now for almost a year and I still look forward to receiving them. Denise

Dear beloved friend who is intent on continually giving us food of the highest available........Thank you so much for every, single one. Loving your gifts, and thanking you, Tricia

I thank you everyday! Daniel

The timing on your tip of the day couldn't have been better. Thanks! Julie

Dear Madam/Sir, Merry Meet, I would like to thank you for your effort and commitment in spreading out wonderful meditation topics. You are thus a source for wisdom, and comntemplation. Please keep up this great and appreciated work.

As of tomorrow, we will have a new e-mail address. Please let me know if you received this, I would hate to miss the meditation of the day. Thanks. Andrew

Thank you so much for the wonderfully insightful spiritual daily meditation tips. Helen

Thank you for the inspiration. Phylliss

Thank you so............much!! I think that I will take a day this coming weekend without music, t.v. or books and just be silent!! Kathryn

I would like to thank you for helping me survive this challenge we call life. Thank you for the meditation tips of the day. Thank you for your wonderful website. Wendy

I really appreciate getting your meditation tips. They are the emails I most look forward to and get the most from. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I really believe you are helping to make the world a better place to live. John

I truly enjoy these. The words are from human and to me and others and this touches inside my thinking and knowing heart. This godly and good. Jaye 

Thank you for providing this wonderful service. Marcy 

Thanks for the effort u put into the tips. i enjoy reading and quoting them (to myself & others). K.H

you are the best! thanks for your gifts. :) Karen

I sure am glad that you are back! I didn't realize how much these reflections meant to me until they were not there.
Kindest regards, Pam 

Thank you for sending  the quotes, we missed  them a lot the last weeks. Samai

Didn't realizes how much I missed this daily inspiration until I received my message this morning Thank you. Pat

I appreciate your time and energy on sending us these bits of insight and wisdom tremendously. It has affected my life and I thank you. Tamara

I think that everyone can recognize truth when they see. Your daily tips aren't so much imparting new knowledge, as reaffirming and clarifying what we already have within us. I love it when your tips crystallize what is already scattered somewhere in me. Jez

I just thought I would let you know what a big part of the day your tips are for me, also as I work for all state insurance co. as their massage therapist I am able to impart your daily message to many more people. thank you. Heidi

I really enjoy your site and the meditation tip of the day.  In my profession, I often come to work wondering whether something good or bad will come in the mail by phone or fax that day from an adverse party in the matters I handle.  It is nice to read something in the morning to clear my mind and make me happy for the important things.  I look forward to the meditation tip of the day's return tomorrow.

Thank you sooooooo much for the daily meditation tips. I LOVE THEM and I print many of them. THANK YOU. Lorna

Thank you for adding a little joy to my world. Rose

Heartfelt thanks for this website. It is much appreciated. Judy

I tell you, I really look forward to these. Thanks. Patty

Oh, thank you.....this Einstein one is THE BEST, at least for me today! 
Loving your caring and help. Tricia 

Just want to thank you very much.
I am going through a very stressful time and I look forward to reading your quotes they help me so much.
Thank you

Thanks! The Meditation Tip of the Day brings me much joy. T.

I just wanted to say thank you for sending these each day. RobbyT

Dear Deeshan,
I feel very lucky to have found your website, and I have really valued being a subscriber to the Tip Of The Day for the last few weeks. It is very encouraging to feel oneself part of a tangible network of meditators, especially one with such a range of inspiring teachers, who visit us every day! The words are always so full sweetness and compassion... as well as being challenging. You must have a huge resource of quotes. 
I look forward to your return in July.

Dear Deeshan,
How wonderful the daily gifts
touching gently my heart 
and softly opening my eyes.

Each day I print your tip and fold it, and carry it in my pocket throughout the day. It serves as a reminder to be mindful. Your service is greatly appreciated.
Yours in the Dharma,

With all my heart and soul for the daily meditations. They are incredible! 
I am fed each morning and do respond! They work! I thank you so very much.
I am carrying a little pasted book with each one I treasure.
Lovingly, Tricia 

you know,
my support for this site will always be known, because;
As a new resident of Boulder and interested in getting in touch with
mediation in the area; I came across your site over a year ago.
Not only has it been very well maintained, but I have been exposed to my immediate desire of knowledge of Buddha more so than if I had not found your site. which in turn pointed me in the direction I was searching with so much
less effort.




Dear Deeshan,
It's the little things we so often take for granted in our daily lives. We tend not to appreciate them until we realize that they are missing and we have to go looking for them. Thanks for the time and effort you take to maintain your site, even while you are away and subscriptions are temporarily suspended.  Carol 

Thanks so much for the wonderful site.
Please subscribe me for the meditation tip of the day.
Have a wonderful day.Jeanne

I wanted to drop a note to say thanks for your constancy in sending the Tips of the Day. I appreciate it. Lawrence

I am very pleased with the website you have created. I just subscribed to your daily meditation, and sometimes, I think that is what we need, a daily wisdom to start our day, and carry us through it. ANGEL

Just a few words to thank you for your service of sending meditation tips. I received my first one today, and I was really happy about it. I do believe it helps.
Love, Sara (Italy)

Please send me the mediation tip of the day. I love it. My friend has it sent to her and she's raving about it. I look forward to receiving it. Thank you. Meagan

This is a poem by my daughter that I thought I would pass along. Thank you for all the great inspiration in the past!

if a man wanted to know his worth, it would not be in the love that he received from others 
but the moment that he felt love for the entire world,
that he might burst and spill forth tears that ached with love
and a laugh that cried out from too much pain
that could not extend
itself, in this life, outside the boundaries of the soul.
that he might feel this in the presence of no one
was to know this minute, for a lifetime, whole.


I just wanted to let you know how much I love getting these everyday and what a beutiful difference it makes in my day at my work place. Thank You.
Love, Scott

I go out of the country for more than one year, I will dearly miss your tips! Thanks you for sending them to me all the time. I had so much pleasure with them!

I only wanted to let you know how much your service is of service to me when you and your family were away on important travel (a few months ago) I recieved messages of dissapointment from persons who subscribe to your site (e-mail forwared to me by mistake)in that they would have to go without for a few months i only wanted to say thank you and thank you again i know how much work is involved in maitaining a site and you do a great job.

The Tip of the Day is very good. Greatly appreciated. Susan

I love your messages; happy New Year! Jacobson's

Keep them coming, they make me think. Thanks! Michel

Please send, thank you. I've enjoyed reading through the past years tips, and other writings on your web page and added your site to my favorites.  Poco

I love the messages each day- its like my Dharma injection for the day. Kamal

Dear deeshan,
I am writing to compliment you on both the deep beauty of recent meditations and the rapidly approaching 3000 mark in those who look your way each day; I believe it was just shy of 2000 when I found your providence.
Thank you again,

I would like to thank you for all of the wonderful tips you send my way - it is always something I open first and have, of course, saved several of them. 
There were mornings when without those words, I would have struggled. I am going through a very tough time in my life right now, so it has helped more.
than you know!
Happy New Year!

Hello.... the words you send me each day bring focus and harmony into my life. Please continue sending me these messages. 
Thank you. 

Thank you Deeshan I very much needed this reminder to focus my determination!  It would be most unfair to both myself and the other party to compromise for less than I desire to simply have something....   you are and have been so truly helpful in my life journey. Again thanx

Please include me on your list of daily pearls of wisdom.
Thank you. Lisa 

I just wanted to let you know how much I love getting these everyday and what a beautiful difference it makes in my day at my work place. Thank You.
Love, Scott

Thank you, and thank you for the richness of this daily experience. David

I continue to get so much out of Meditation tips. Thank you so much for this service. Ann

This is a lovely creation, thank you. Kate

The meditation tip of the day is priceless! Thanks. Elvira

Thank you for the tip every day. I find that to be the thing in my inbox that I am constantly looking forward to see. Please do not stop. Herman

Thanks for the Meditation Tip of the Day. They are inspiring and a great way to start the day! 

Wonderful that my first meditation tip is of not death but birth and that the number of subscribers -- 1949 -- is the year of my birth.

I just love each of the meditation tips I read first thing every morning. Many thanks.
I'd like further details on this particular one. Is there a book about this subject matter or articles you can steer me to? Susan

I missed the tips all summer & it felt great when they began again!  I thank-you & honor you for your work and sharing. Dennis

I do so enjoy the gems from you - thank you! Love. Amrito

I am very glad to receive your meditations again!
I always read them when I get to the office and they help me to begin every day keeping them in mind.
Thank you and.
Om Mani Padme Hum

Thank you for your service. It is greatly appreciated!! JAM

Que bueno que ya están de vuelta las meditaciones. Me dan tanta paz y por eso te lo agradezco. Ya te habú} mandadado un mensaje de agradecimiento, pero creo que lo hize a la dirección equivocada.
Saludos y amor, Memo

Thank you,  this one got me going. 
I love these meditations, a lot of truth to them. Mixman

Your return is a real gift ... I've always appreciated your "service", but never so much as when it wasn't available *smile*
Hope you've been well and had a good trip ... best,

Thanks so much for the meditation tips. I really look forward to each one.
Thanks again! Tblack

I really enjoy getting the meditation tips of the day.........and do find them inspirational. Kabamma

Dear Deeshan,
Just a note to say how great it is to have you back. You are an important part of my day. An instant feeling of joy came to my presence when I received your message.
Thank you.

I very much enjoy and appreciate your service. I found some quotes which you might wish to use sometime in the future. If and when I find more, I'll send them to you, if you wish.


Greetings Deeshan,
Although I have heard this before and even quoted it, I am moved to eye-waterings of joy at todays tip.
Here's a riddle for you which goes along with it.
Q. What is the difference between a Buddha and an ordinary man?
A. The only difference is that the Buddha knows that there is no difference !
Love Light and Laughter, Eric Alias huggie.

Glad to have you back. Your "tips" are a wonderful way to start the day.
Thanks! Jon

How can I send this to a friend? Zpixie

Yeah!  It's back!  Hope you had a wonderful vacation.  I'm sososososooso happy to receive the meditation tip of the day again!
Thanks again. J.J.

I absolutely love the meditation tip of the day. Thanks for taking the time to do it and including me. With Love, Suvida

Thank you so much for the service you are providing; sometimes these gems go right to the heart of my current experience, illuminating the darkness like a July 4th fireworks extravaganza! (Another import from the East.)
BTW, your site is exquisite!


These tips are quite helpful & I'm finding them very true. . .
whoever you are. . .thank you so much!
May I ask? Is it permissible to repost these to public newsgroups?
Thank you again, and good luck with the website!
Sincerely, Sharon

Hi Deeshan,
just want to say thank you for the 'meditation tip of the day' massages so far! I really enjoy reading them everyday! This way, working with the computer gets a bit of a meditative mood. Great idea, please don't ever stop! :-)

Hi deeshan:
Just a note of appreciation for your meditation tips of the day.
Thanks for compiling and sending them. Best...
Just another note to say thanks for your hard work putting all these quotes together! Best wishes... SH

my computer froze while receiving the meditation of the day for the 23rd, if it is not too much bother and is possible, could you please re-send it. i look forward to these very much. thank you. Shelley

Hi Deeshan,
Thanks for these daily tips. They are consistently of high quality. I wonder where you find them all :-) Bernie

Thank you. This is a great way to begin the day. Sally

oops.. SORRY!!! meant to forward to a friend.
I love your tips though... thank you very much. Mary

I truly enjoy these daily tips. I thank you for your efforts. Peace. Lee

Once again thanks for a wonderful service ... I've recommended it to many people!
Below is a suggested tip ...
All the best,
From a book by Eknath Easwaran entitled Meditation, P. 190
"The spiritual aspirant must swim upstream, against the current of habit, familiarity and ease."

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy getting the meditation tips each day. Thank you for sending such encouraging and insightful messages. Bernadette

Hi Donna, How are you, I get these meditations everyday from Deeshan
Meditations, YOu sent me this site originally and I signed up on their mailing list..Thank you for thinking of me. Know that when you get yours I am reading me as one in our circle...
Love you my dear sister in Love and Light, Linda

I just wanted to thank you for sharing the meditation tips with myself and others. Each day, I am grateful for the time that you spend sharing it and for the blessings that it brings me.
Namaste, sister pheonyx

Dearest deeshan,
I thank you for everyday sharing such beautiful words and thoughts with us. I am fowarding a sample of the daily sutras from sri sri rava
shankar. Love. Prano

Hello Deeshan,
Your new internet contribution, "Meditation Tip of the Day" is an excellent addition to my web day! Thank you for this site. Scott

subscribe! I look forward to this every morning. I miss your daily message!
Regards, Jeff

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy the Meditation for the Day that arrives in my mailbox each day. I look forward to it and appreciate your time and effort to add to the quality of my day.
I would like to add my friend's email address to your list, if possible.
Again please accept my appreciation. aalger103

I am wondering why the daily meditation tips have stopped, i hope all is well with you and that it is simply a mix-up that has caused the meditation tips to stop. thanks for all of your guidance .... pfrog79

Absolutely love the work you're doing. It is a precious source of inspiration and wisdom for me. Thank you very much. Eric

The daily message is something I look forward to. Thank you for the tips of the past and thank you in advance for the tips to come. I'm very glad I found this web site.

Dear Deehan:
You were so kind in taking time to explain what happened about the meditations. Doesn't matter! It is all right. Everything you send to us is beatiful and to read this material several times was a pleasure.
I'm so happy to be suscribed in this e-mail. Thank you. Mona

I really value this meditation tip everyday and send heartfelt thanks. Sally

Thank you for your wonderful tips. K

Thanks! I enjoy these. Teresa

Thanks for all your hard work with the tips. I enjoy them very much! Cynthia

Thank you for the meditation tip each day. They are tacked up all over my house-mirror s and refrig. Wishing you a happy holiday season. Sylvia

Thank you for the opportunity to receive this insight of positive energy. William

I am so glad that you and the meditation tips are back. I missed you. Hope your time away was for something good for you and welcome back. Sally

I came across this site and I must say that the tips are truly inspirational...thank you for the wisdom of help us reach that not-so-distant shore...of magic so white...illuminated with love and light !
I know that everyone will benefit from these spiritual tips
So thank you, once again, for spreading the love and light of ancient wisdom...thank you !

I really appreciate the thoughts you collect and send out to whomever wants to listen. Thanks for sharing.
Namaste, Ritch

Hi Deeshan
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for providing such a helpful meditation-tip series. Some of the insights on offer have been most beneficial to my practice. Thanks!
Yours in the Dharma,

Thank you for the daily thoughts, i look forward to them, your friend, Evan

You give this gift to us every day and I am so grateful. Sally

I would like to receive the "Meditation tip of the day" as it is so enlightening and thought-spiralling !
Thank you. With love